Inspired by blue

forest in blue

After seeing other posts about the color blue, I decided to make my own. This color is my favorite. When choosing clothes, I gravitate to the color blue. I associate it with tranquility and calm. This is a poem inspired by blue.

Of a Favorite Color
Calming coolness comes
Soothing to the eye and the mind
Others feel sad, but I find gladness

Blue is my favorite,
I garb myself in shades of calm
My eyes rest in tranquile hues

Delighting in turquoise skies and azure lakes.
Lost in sparkling saphire depths
Found on a robin’s egg.

Bright as a beach in summer,
Cool as an icicle in winter
Always a pleasure for me.

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As Springtime Moves to Summer

The flowers are blooming. I wish I could take credit for the abundance of blossoms around me, but the roses belong to a neighbor, the Mediterranean lilac needs no tending and the honeysuckle grows like a weed where I live. I haven’t had much success in my vegetable garden due to several issues. There are four dogs that use the same space, the soil is very sandy, and there is more insect larva than there ought to be. I’m also a very novice gardener. Any past success with gardening was due to building on the work of others. This garden was mostly lawn before I carved out the area. I did leave plenty of lawn for the dogs, but they go where ever they want and eat seedlings if they find them tasty. The back yard is visited by raccoons and opossums too.

In the dead of winter, I missed the bright red roses, the sweet smelling honeysuckle and the shyly showy lilac. It is wonderful to see them again. The roses will bless the neighbor’s yard for a long while. They were still blooming in January before going dormant for a short while. Now I must gather my resources and use the little I have to make the most of the vegetable garden. At this point the most I can say is that I started, and I’m determined to finish.

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Filling the page with bright colors

Pages of colored blocks

Was I bored? Perhaps I was when I was inspired to use some of my art supplies to make several pages of colored blocks. I had a set of scented colored pencils that really can’t be used for fine drawing, but their bold colors make for bright patterns. I’ve already used them for backgrounds in photos. I found them easy to work on and therapeutic in a way. I kept the pattern simple mostly because the pencils don’t provide a fine line. Working in blocks also creates a grid to line up any picture or photo that’s placed in the foreground. I also used watercolor pencil. I had some lower quality watercolor paper that isn’t good for paintings, but is useful for testing paint tint and value. It also proved useful for the color block project. The one draw back to the project was that I had to press hard into the paper which made my fingers sore. Who said art was easy work?

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Gardens and Dreams

For the past month I’ve been attempting to grow a garden. So far, the weather and the insects have conspired to defeat me. The garden is not to fuel my pride, but a necessary item, I miss fresh vegetables and I was hoping to be able to grow some this year. The soil I’ve planted in should be good, after all it supported a lawn of grass, wild geraniums, clover and violets. It is sandy and grey instead of rich brown. Some of the seeds have sprouted, and I watch with anxious expectation to see if anything will grow.

Above is a collection of items that I’ve made over the past few months. I feel fortunate that I have paints and paper and an imagination. The confinement of lockdown would have been terrible. Even though there are people and places I miss, I still have pictures and photos as well as technology to help me keep connected.

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In the Wilderness

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to add any new posts since April of last year. My laptop crashed and I only recently gained access to another. It was like being in a wilderness. I did miss preparing posts for the blog, but I kept up writing in other ways. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with other interests that I had in the past. I didn’t include a photo with this post because I just felt that having no image was a fitting representation of how the past year has been. For me a wilderness is not a frightening place, but a bewildering place. It is not easy to see things clearly in a wilderness but with a small amount of courage and an open mind I can find my way through it. I even have the strength to help others through it too.

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Springtime Musings

Spring woods

For the past month I’ve noticed tiny flowers growing in the lawn.  Some are wild strawberry; some are violets and some are weeds.  In the neighborhood, early fruit trees blossomed.  The trees are getting their leaves back.  There is a vine in the backyard that is sprouting new leaves.  The sun gives more warmth.  A time to remember the renewal of life.

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A Time for Counting Blessings

Bird singing at dawn

The world has arrived at a seriously tragic time.  A pandemic is a frightening thing to face.  I could complain about the inconvenience of self-quarantine or the bare shelves in grocery stores or my shrinking bank account.  I could wallow in pity over the decline in the stock market or the lack of adequate leadership.  Instead I count my blessings.  A year ago, I was attending rehearsals for a concert and I see now that I was given the time to sing.  My children lost their beloved grandpa last year and they had the chance to attend his funeral.  I’m truly grateful now for every social event I was able to attend.  Some believe that counting one’s blessings is bad advice because it can cause people to ignore danger.  What I believe is that it is how you count your blessings that matters.  What I have found by counting my blessings is peace and hope.

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Fun with blueprints

A detail from an architectural element is drawn on paper.  Measurements are marked, notes are made and the design is finalized.  A collection of lines is on the journey to becoming solid and three dimensional.  There is no guarantee of this happening.  An unforeseen flaw may show up or a change of heart may occur.  Regardless, it is still a thing of beauty.

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In the Woods

Path in the woods.

A popular subject for art videos is a scene depicting the woods.  Usually the light is early morning or late afternoon.  I’ve tried painting the subject many times over the past few months with not so great results.  I’m determined to do it though, and one might say I’m in the woods about this type of painting technique.  Unlike wondering in the woods where it’s best to stay in one place, it is better to keep moving with painting.

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Small Things Matter

A Cape Cod Cottage.

It is wise to pay attention to the small things; they matter.  Like the small cottage in the above picture, small things can make the difference between a night on a windy beach or an evening near a cozy fire.  Appreciating small things can lead to something positive, like a jar full of coins.  Underestimating the power of small things can lead to something negative, like the spread of a deadly virus.  Stay safe and attend to the small things.

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